CWisis on Infinite Earths: Supergirl


Now, we’re not going to be going over scene-by-scene like the Es-Cape Plan reviews or the revisits but, instead, I’m just going to a general overview of things along with some neat things I noticed.

The episode starts with Harbringer bringing everyone to Earth-38 (Supergirl’s Earth, which I just tonight realized in an allusion to the year Action Comics #1 came out) and lays everything out for everyone before one of the Quantum Towers from the original comic pops up and all the heroes go off to defend it from the Shadow Demons in an effort to first save Earth-38 and then simply buy enough time for a fraction of it inhabitants to flee, because by the end of this Earth-38 is completely gone.

As the first part of the crossover, there was a lot for this episode to get out of the way in terms of exposition and setting up stakes and it largely succeeded on both of these counts. Thanks to a brief montage, we see some of the other worlds of the Multiverse and we’re assured that each and every one of them is in danger from the Antimatter Wave and there’s even a logical reason for the first episode to be set on Supergirl’s world: it’s Earth-38, which makes it the highest numbered Earth that we’re familiar with.

It even works as an episode of Supergirl. Since all of the major plotlines for the shows were wrapped up last week, there’s not a lot of baggage to bring into it, but we still get some ongoing characterizations with Lena Luthor still being extremely annoyed with absolutely everyone for lying to her for years and things like that. So the episode works as both the first part of the story and an episode of its show, so how does it work in general?

The answer is: pretty well! All of the major heroes are brought in from their respective shows (with the exception of Black Lightning) and Superman and Lois are brought back into the fold since they had departed to raise a little tiny baby. While it does seem kind of weird for the Monitor to bring in so many heroes with absolutely no powers to combat the forces of the Anti-Monitor, they’re still able to save the day as much as they can in the first part of a five-part event.

It’s even a fairly good adaption of Crisis, including such elements as those weird towers and Shadow Demons as well as the whole destruction of everything as the Monitor and Anti-Monitor battle over the fate the Multiverse while Harbringer and Pariah pop in and out doing random things.

The other weirdness was a focus on Oliver Queen, as the entire episode seemed like sort of a farewell tour for him, but the reason for this becomes obvious since he’s dead by the end of the episode but we see the Oliver Queen of Earth-16 so we know another one is out there, should we need him, though he did pass the torch to his time-displaced daughter Mia so there’s still technically a Green Arrow on Earth-1.


Other Earths we see:
-Earth-89, which is likely where the original Batman films took place since there’s a lot of Batman imagery and the iconic theme plays when we see it.
-Earth-9, which appears to be where the DC streaming shows take place since we see Hawk and Robin there.
-Earth-66, yet another Batman Earth where we see Burt Ward.
-Earth-X, which we saw two years ago when all those evil Nazi versions showed up.
-Earth-16, which the Legends visited a while ago and was assumed to simply be Earth-1 in 2046 but nope.

Brainiac mentions that the Monitor is a Green Arrow and Flash problem, referencing the fact that only those two shows had ongoing plots referencing the Monitor this year.

Lois and Clark try to shoot their baby Jonathan off in a rocket before the Antimatter Wave destroys Argo City, which sends him to Earth-16 and gives Lois and Brainiac something to do with White Canary.

Earth-16 Oliver seemingly lives a much less science fiction life than Earth-1 Oliver.

Harrison Wells does show up at the end as Pariah.

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