Cheapmas Day Three: Lights Out

Audio problems continue to plague me but I think I have them worked out now. I have to do it as they come because there’s always something new and different that I’m completely unaware of until after the stream.

Anyway, today’s game is a student game from Quebec called Lights Out and it concerns a Mesoamerican cultist running around getting different powers and jumping around on things while killing monsters. It’s quite a good effort and has some good ideas about its power progression though its spikes seem to have a hit detection box a bit wider than they should be. Other than that, it’s a solid game for the amount of time put in and the fact that it was made by teenagers and since it’s free it’s worth a try.

The only thing that really struck me as being a good tree decoration is that one sun-shaped thing and so that’s the decoration I drew:

And such a lovely thing would make an excellent tree topper.

Lovely. See you tomorrow yet again.

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