Kongtoberfest: An encore! (The Fictocast #006/007)

Kongtoberfest has come to an end, and we thank you all for your readership and kind words of encouragement! As Kongtoberfest comes to a close, we at The Fictosphere would like to leave you–our kind readers–with a Kong-sized special multi-media post finale. Comprised of podcast audio clips, videos, text (obviously), and pictures, this post isContinue reading “Kongtoberfest: An encore! (The Fictocast #006/007)”

Cheapmas Day Five: Home

Today’s stream went well, if it was several hours late due to a headache. It’s a horror game side-scroller that looks and sounds great but since it’s a horror game Mikenificent keeps babbling and hoping nothing in this, a horror game, pops out to scare him. He also refers to the protagonist as Conan O’BrienContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Five: Home”

Holy Thanksgiving, Batman!

I’m posting this article out of order (it’s actually the twelfth Examiner.com article I posted), but since it’s a Thanksgiving article, the reasoning for this should be obvious–since today is Thanksgiving. I don’t know what originally gave me the idea to write a Batman article for Thanksgiving, though I think it was probably because IContinue reading “Holy Thanksgiving, Batman!”

Offensive Stereotypes? In my classic games?! It’s more likely than you think!

The story that starts this second Throwback Thursday Examiner.com article is 100% true.  At the time, I thought the guy was insane for placing Italians above…well, above every other “minority” currently competing in the Oppression Olympics.  Little has changed over the last ten years (fourteen or fifteen if I consider the time since I trulyContinue reading “Offensive Stereotypes? In my classic games?! It’s more likely than you think!”

Mikenificent’s First Webcomic: Bill and Fred’s Nonexcellent Adventure

Today, here’s a different kind of Throwback Thursday in that this is essentially a brand new article but the content it’s covering is old. It’s very old, indeed, and is in fact the first webcomic I ever did. It’s relevant because I’m revisiting the characters in Milty’s Fictocomic Calvacade, which I haven’t posted about hereContinue reading “Mikenificent’s First Webcomic: Bill and Fred’s Nonexcellent Adventure”

Gobble some balls with Namco’s Pac-Man

As you can no doubt tell by the sophomoric title, this article marks the exact point at which I stopped fully caring about what Examiner.com wanted (as what they wanted didn’t pay anyway), and started to do whatever it was I felt like doing. Oddly, people seemed to like it. Originally published at Examiner.com onContinue reading “Gobble some balls with Namco’s Pac-Man”

The Noid: Man or Monster?

This article originally ran on Mike Podgor’s Monsters of Multimedia on July 11, 2018. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember the Noid. A red-clad humanoid created by the Claymation superstars at Will Vinton Studios, his sole goal was to stop the delivery of Domino’s pizzas. At the very least, he wanted to ensureContinue reading “The Noid: Man or Monster?”

The Examiner Articles: Introduction

Here’s a rant I wrote for my Malus ‘N’ Mayhem blog about four years ago, when I found out that a former “employer” of mine decided to delete some of my articles because…well, actually, it’s explained in the rant below. Originally published 09/19/2015 WARNING: INCOMING RANT So, back in 2009, I became the local RetroContinue reading “The Examiner Articles: Introduction”