Christmas Time with Bond: Assorted Musings on the 007 One-Shot

As Christmas Day dawns upon us, I reflected on what’s been occupying my television for nearly two months. One of the select few streaming services to approximate the cable & satellite TV experience, PlutoTV, just so happened to be the culprit. But more specifically, the many exploits of a certain British super-spy were what seemedContinue reading “Christmas Time with Bond: Assorted Musings on the 007 One-Shot”

Kelly’s Heroes (1970)

This entry into the old Ethan’s Film Journal just seems right for today’s Throwback Thursday, what with it being America’s Independence Day and all. Originally posted 01/24/2018. Summary: Grade A screw-up Private Kelly (Clint Eastwood) accidentally discovers a briefcase filled with lead-plated gold bars while interrogating a Nazi prisoner in Nancy, France during World WarContinue reading “Kelly’s Heroes (1970)”