Mikenificent’s Spooktacular Webcomic: Count Pikachu

Since we’re in the midst of a Fictosphere Spooktacular, I figured I’d dredge up my second webcomic story which is, coincidentally, horror themed! As you can see from the logo above, it concerns a vampirized Pikachu. Unlike my first webcomic, this one wasn’t a spin-off of anything and is honestly a lot better. There’s aContinue reading “Mikenificent’s Spooktacular Webcomic: Count Pikachu”

King Lycaon of Arcadia and the Lykaia

Being that this is October, I felt it appropriate to post something I wrote back in 2009 concerning the mythological origins of werewolves.  Now, obviously, the Greek origin isn’t the only one that exists.  Like vampires, werewolf and shape-shifter myths exist in cultures from virtually all over the world.  However, being partially of Greek (and,Continue reading “King Lycaon of Arcadia and the Lykaia”

(Bible) Adventures in Real Life

This is another post from the Malus and Mayhem blog. A book chronicling the tale of the production of the unlicensed (shitty) NES game Bible Adventures prompted a response in me that was a bit deeper than what was probably originally intended by the author. That said, although it’s half book review and half self-reflection,Continue reading “(Bible) Adventures in Real Life”

The Myth of Hope

So, it should come as no surprise to anyone that creative types (writers, artists, musicians, etc.) tend to suffer from various different stripes and strains of mental illnesses and disabilities. While I certainly don’t mean to draw a false correlation between being creative and being “crazy,” stereotypes tend to exist for a reason and ifContinue reading “The Myth of Hope”

Gobble some balls with Namco’s Pac-Man

As you can no doubt tell by the sophomoric title, this article marks the exact point at which I stopped fully caring about what Examiner.com wanted (as what they wanted didn’t pay anyway), and started to do whatever it was I felt like doing. Oddly, people seemed to like it. Originally published at Examiner.com onContinue reading “Gobble some balls with Namco’s Pac-Man”

Tokyo Drift: An Odd Duck

I have been asked by my taskmasters to present some of my work as a neophyte critic and to that end I present to you one of my first reviews intended entirely for the Internet. A certain website asked me some years ago to choose something in a film franchise which, ultimately, became the oddContinue reading “Tokyo Drift: An Odd Duck”

The Noid: Man or Monster?

This article originally ran on Mike Podgor’s Monsters of Multimedia on July 11, 2018. If you’re of a certain age, you’ll remember the Noid. A red-clad humanoid created by the Claymation superstars at Will Vinton Studios, his sole goal was to stop the delivery of Domino’s pizzas. At the very least, he wanted to ensureContinue reading “The Noid: Man or Monster?”

The Haunting of Julia aka Full Circle: An Unsung Masterpiece of 70s Ghost Cinema

The following article, as featured on Crane’s Cabinet of Kinetographic Curiosities, was originally split into four parts, each dealing with a different aspect of a film for which my appreciation has grown considerably the more I watch it. From personal history to origins, execution to modern availability, the attempt of the article was and isContinue reading “The Haunting of Julia aka Full Circle: An Unsung Masterpiece of 70s Ghost Cinema”

Does “The Order” Have a Monster?

This article originally ran on February 14, 2018 on Mike Podgor’s Monsters of Multimedia. Today’s subject is The Order, a film from 2003 and one that holds an infamous place in my heart. This has nothing to do with the movie itself, since both times I kept dozing off either due to boredom or painkiller-inducedContinue reading “Does “The Order” Have a Monster?”

Silent Rage (1982)

This particular Throwback Thursday re-post wasn’t what was originally intended for today, but due to something happening next week that would make the originally-intended post more thematically relevant, I’ve decided instead to revisit a Chuck Norris movie that I originally reviewed for Crane’s Cabinet of Kinetographic Curiosities. Originally published January 9, 2018. Summary: After hisContinue reading “Silent Rage (1982)”