Madhouse (1974)

I’ve had the pleasure of watching this film a few times since first writing this post–as originally featured at Crane’s Cabinet of Kinetographic Curiosities–and I tend to like it more and more each time. But, I’ll let the review itself speak to why that is, and follow with a couple of additional comments after that.Continue reading “Madhouse (1974)”

The Banana Splits Movie: The Weird Horror Adaption We Need Right Now?

For me, the Banana Splits have always been a thing of darkness. My first encounter with them was late at night in the late nineties, a time when Cartoon Network had neither Adult Swim nor the Toonami they have today. Instead, they ran a lot of old shows and one of those programs was TheContinue reading “The Banana Splits Movie: The Weird Horror Adaption We Need Right Now?”

The Monster Status of Jason Voorhees

This article originally ran on Mike Podgor’s Monsters of Multimedia on April 13, 2018 It goes without saying that most slashers are capable of monstrous feats, but today we ask: when does a slasher truly become a monster? There’s a different answer for each slasher. Freddy Kreuger of the Nightmare on Elm Street series wasContinue reading “The Monster Status of Jason Voorhees”

Silent Rage (1982)

This particular Throwback Thursday re-post wasn’t what was originally intended for today, but due to something happening next week that would make the originally-intended post more thematically relevant, I’ve decided instead to revisit a Chuck Norris movie that I originally reviewed for Crane’s Cabinet of Kinetographic Curiosities. Originally published January 9, 2018. Summary: After hisContinue reading “Silent Rage (1982)”