Poképrotagonists: A Bunch of Twerps

The definition of twerp is “a silly or annoying person” and I’ve been, and possibly still am and someday will again be, a twerp. I’m therefore highly qualified to recognize and judge other twerps and that’s why we’re here today, and in this case the twerps are every single default male protagonist in the mainlineContinue reading “Poképrotagonists: A Bunch of Twerps”

The Fictocast #005: The Year in Review

The Fictospherians discuss pieces of media from the past year they felt left an impact. You can listen to it here or in the video below: Lord Mikenificent chose Pokemon Sword, DuckTales, and Cats. Trevor Thomson opted to talk about Warhammer 40K, The Mandalorian, and Godzilla: King of the Monsters. Jeffrey Holloway discussed Teppen, Joker,Continue reading “The Fictocast #005: The Year in Review”