The Monster Status of the Michael Myerses

My original intent for this article was a simple follow-up to my Monster Status of Jason Voorhees article, but as I rewatched the Halloween series (minus Halloween III since it doesn’t involve Michael Myers) I discovered that it wasn’t a question with a clear answer because even following the criteria I had set for myself,Continue reading “The Monster Status of the Michael Myerses”

The Monster Status of Jason Voorhees

This article originally ran on Mike Podgor’s Monsters of Multimedia on April 13, 2018 It goes without saying that most slashers are capable of monstrous feats, but today we ask: when does a slasher truly become a monster? There’s a different answer for each slasher. Freddy Kreuger of the Nightmare on Elm Street series wasContinue reading “The Monster Status of Jason Voorhees”