Fictochat: First Impressions about Morbius

Lord Mikenificent: Hello everyone, I’m Lord Mikenificent. Trevor Thomson: And I’m Trevor Thomson. LM: And we’re here to talk about the trailer for Morbius, which dropped a few days ago. For those of you unfamiliar, Morbius the Living Vampire first popped up in Amazing Spider-Man #101 where he fought the six-armed Spider-Man and then wouldn’tContinue reading “Fictochat: First Impressions about Morbius”

Es-Cape Plan: Introduction

For better or worse, the Marvel Cinematic Universe changed the face of super-heroes in modern media. While there had been a number of successful superhero franchises before it, something about Iron Man captured the public’s imagination in a way that only Batman had done with his 1966 TV series and original quadrology. The major differenceContinue reading “Es-Cape Plan: Introduction”

Wild Packs & Cloned Lovers: The Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See – Finale

Part Three: Silver Sable to the Rescue, Living Vampires, & Clones Run Amok So here we are folks, ready to make a home run as we wrap up the journey through a Spider-Verse that never was, at least in this particular form. In Part One, we made note of the Venom solo film’s 1 yearContinue reading “Wild Packs & Cloned Lovers: The Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See – Finale”

Maximum Carnage Inbound: The Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See

Part Two: The Road to Sinister Alliances, the Year 2099, & Carnage And now folks, we’re going to start getting into the nitty gritty of where Spider-Man, as played by actor Andrew Garfield, would’ve been headed as the lead of his own cinematic universe. It’s important to note that the pop culture trends I spokeContinue reading “Maximum Carnage Inbound: The Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See”

Venom-iversary & the Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See

Part One: Success in Villainous Spin-Off & Bond vs. Spidey This past Saturday, October the 5th, marked the 1 year anniversary for the release of a little film some of you readers may or may not have heard of. Just a small indie picture. Grossed over 850 million dollars at the worldwide box-office, nothing fancy.Continue reading “Venom-iversary & the Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See”

Quantum Leap: Putting Right What Once Went Wrong

Yes, I am huge Quantum Leap fan.  And yes, the title of this piece is referring to Sam Beckett’s good and godly mission to, with the help of friend and colleague Al Calavicci, correct wrongs within his own lifetime (and some without).  But this isn’t exactly or entirely a love letter to Quantum Leap.  The title is hopefullyContinue reading “Quantum Leap: Putting Right What Once Went Wrong”