Christmas Time with Bond: Assorted Musings on the 007 One-Shot

As Christmas Day dawns upon us, I reflected on what’s been occupying my television for nearly two months. One of the select few streaming services to approximate the cable & satellite TV experience, PlutoTV, just so happened to be the culprit. But more specifically, the many exploits of a certain British super-spy were what seemedContinue reading “Christmas Time with Bond: Assorted Musings on the 007 One-Shot”

Venom-iversary & the Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See

Part One: Success in Villainous Spin-Off & Bond vs. Spidey This past Saturday, October the 5th, marked the 1 year anniversary for the release of a little film some of you readers may or may not have heard of. Just a small indie picture. Grossed over 850 million dollars at the worldwide box-office, nothing fancy.Continue reading “Venom-iversary & the Spider-Man Franchise You Didn’t See”

Holiday Traditions and Unrelated Cinema: A Personal Survey

God damn, but do I love holidays. I’m lucky enough to have a day job that provides days off for each and every major one (except Halloween), and since I’m a recluse who hates going anywhere that isn’t home, my version of a vacation is binge watching movies! Don’t you fucking judge me. As theContinue reading “Holiday Traditions and Unrelated Cinema: A Personal Survey”