Kongtoberfest: An encore! (The Fictocast #006/007)

Kongtoberfest has come to an end, and we thank you all for your readership and kind words of encouragement! As Kongtoberfest comes to a close, we at The Fictosphere would like to leave you–our kind readers–with a Kong-sized special multi-media post finale. Comprised of podcast audio clips, videos, text (obviously), and pictures, this post isContinue reading “Kongtoberfest: An encore! (The Fictocast #006/007)”

Kong save the Queen!: Hammer’s King Kong (1960s/1970s)

Toho’s version of RKO’s 8th Wonder of the World renewed interest in Kong, and so all the major production companies became interested in putting their own spin on the King of Skull Island. Background By the late 1960s, almost every major production company was interested in making a version of King Kong: Universal, Paramount, andContinue reading “Kong save the Queen!: Hammer’s King Kong (1960s/1970s)”

The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll aka House of Fright aka Jekyll’s Inferno (1961)

So, I don’t really have too much to add to what I’ve already said about this film (as originally posted at Crane’s Cabinet of Kinetographic Curiosities), save only that this film is oddly relevant in 2019. This is especially true in light of internet meme culture, which promotes/illustrates ideas, archetypes, and descriptors such as “incel,”Continue reading “The Two Faces of Dr. Jekyll aka House of Fright aka Jekyll’s Inferno (1961)”