Cheapmas Day Thirteen: Battle Ranch

Mikenificent plays Battle Ranch today, and if you’d like to know what it is imagine Plants Vs. Zombies but uglier and not as good despite coming out years after Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s not a bad game for all that, seeing as how it’s basically Plants Vs. Zombies, but at the same point this gameContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Thirteen: Battle Ranch”

Cheapmas Day Two: Snake Eyes Dungeon

I paid too much for this game. It was less than a dollar and free once I used Steam credit but I still paid too much for this game. Snake Eyes Dungeon is a simple thing and looked like it might be fun, a mix of rogue-like gameplay mixed with a game of chance. It’sContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Two: Snake Eyes Dungeon”

“A Simple Errand”: The Award Winning Short Story

Recently, Mikenificent won Honorable Mention in the Ligonier Valley Writers’ annual Flash-Fiction contest. He traveled to Pennsylvania to read his story to those assembled, and now you can read his award winning story online here. It’s about fairies, if you’re into that kind of thing! Mikenificent previously won in 2016 for his short story “TheContinue reading ““A Simple Errand”: The Award Winning Short Story”