Mediocre obscurity: Musing over King Kong Lives (1986)

With the relative success of Paramount’s 1976 King Kong remake, a sequel was sure to follow. What no one expected was the sequel that ultimately became King Kong Lives. For anyone who may have not noticed over the course of my writings & the subjects contained therein (or is just now dropping in), I’m somethingContinue reading “Mediocre obscurity: Musing over King Kong Lives (1986)”

Despised Inspiration: An Ode to King Kong (1976)

Though the race between Hammer, Universal, and Paramount went on into the 1970s, it was Paramount that won the rights to remake RKO’s 1933 epic King Kong. And in 1976, that remake was released to theaters. The face of a beautiful, blonde, white woman comes into focus. She appears conscious, yet also absent, not aContinue reading “Despised Inspiration: An Ode to King Kong (1976)”