Cheapmas Day Fifteen: Sins of the Demon RPG

You may remember me playing Hunter’s Grimm. This is more of the same: an RPG maker game with boring characters and some weird attempts at diversifying itself. This game uses an active combat system and has a basic cooking mechanic but on the whole is super dull. Also, there was an sexy anime girl usedContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Fifteen: Sins of the Demon RPG”

Cheapmas Day Four: Hunter’s Grimm

Today’s stream went by without a hitch, save that the game being played was excessively mediocre. Hunter’s Grimm (or Zoop! – Hunter’s Grimm as the Steam store calls it for some baffling reason) seems like it was simply made to dole out an excessive amount of cheap achievements. None of them have anything to doContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Four: Hunter’s Grimm”