NOW AVAILABLE: Chuck Lucky and the Technicolor Sky

The Fictosphere is proud to announce the release of Chuck Lucky and the Technicolor Sky, a short story by forgotten pulp master Dirk Manley. We were lucky enough to find some of Manley’s works and, as the copyright to them was up for grabs, we’ve decided to do some light edits to them and releaseContinue reading “NOW AVAILABLE: Chuck Lucky and the Technicolor Sky”

Princess Salno & The Ymir

A Toho-Harryhausen Fantasy As imagined by Trevor Thomson, with story elements by Charlott Knight, Bob Williams, Christopher Knopf, Shinichi Sekizawa, & Beverley Cross. Cover illustrated by Elden Ardiente. Internal illustrations by studio Lungga Creative. As folks who have read my previous writings may know (& even if you don’t, now’s a fine time to learn),Continue reading “Princess Salno & The Ymir”

The Question

Jeff Keane sat at his drawing board and looked at the bizarre image of what was supposed to be his mother and thought, “Did my mom look like that? Was she a lively and vivacious young woman?” He paused, his pen pressed to paper, and realized with horror, “We killed that version of her.” ForContinue reading “The Question”

“A Simple Errand”: The Award Winning Short Story

Recently, Mikenificent won Honorable Mention in the Ligonier Valley Writers’ annual Flash-Fiction contest. He traveled to Pennsylvania to read his story to those assembled, and now you can read his award winning story online here. It’s about fairies, if you’re into that kind of thing! Mikenificent previously won in 2016 for his short story “TheContinue reading ““A Simple Errand”: The Award Winning Short Story”