Cheapmas Day Twenty-Five: Super Metroid

On this, the final day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent played Super Metroid and it’s easily the best game he played this month and the only one he’s likely to revisit for anything other than revenge. He drew a Metroid for the tree: Let’s slap that sucker on the tree, in the final spot: Lovely, andContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-Five: Super Metroid”

Cheapmas Day Twenty-Four: Shadow Warrior

On the penultimate day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent traveled back to the far-off year of 1997 to play Shadow Warrior which he had endless trouble with initially. Once he was able to get the game to actually run and figure out the controls he had less trouble but still a fair amount of trouble becauseContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-Four: Shadow Warrior”

Cheapmas Day Twenty-Three: Dungeons & Aliens

On the twenty-third day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent played Dungeons & Aliens, a game which he considered to have an unfair difficulty curve with a focus on grinding to beat levels which you had to beat so you could get coins to keep grinding to beat the levels. Which is not to say that theContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-Three: Dungeons & Aliens”

Cheapmas Day Twenty-Two: Sunrider First Mission

While Lord Mikenificent set out to play Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius he discovered that the game came with the first part, First Mission, and he decided to play that instead. He didn’t get very far. It’s a visual novel crossed with a hexagonal space battle thing filled with anime girls and giant robots which seemsContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-Two: Sunrider First Mission”

Cheapmas Day Twenty-One: Distraint

On the twenty-first day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent played Distraint, a horror game starring a protagonist named Price who, like the last horror game, looked suspiciously like Conan O’Brien as he struggled with becoming financially successful at the cost of his humanity. There were some creepy moments but, for the most part, Lord Mikenificent wasn’tContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-One: Distraint”

Cheapmas Day Twenty: Ink

Today’s game was the challenging minimalist platformer Ink where you’re a square on a quest to do… something. Get to the end, I suppose, but in your way is a bunch of other shapes. I got pretty far. Here’s the protagonist, who’s also our ornament today: Yep. Let’s slap that guy on the tree. Lovely,Continue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty: Ink”

Cheapmas Day Nineteen: Minion Masters

Today, Mikenificent played another MMO but this one was a cartoony mesh of League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering or some similar nonsense. He did a decent job, and for today’s ornament he drew the token the game sometimes gives you. Let’s slap that sucker on the tree. Lovely. Two circles on the sameContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Nineteen: Minion Masters”

Cheapmas Day Eighteen: Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is a battle royale game that seemingly had nothing to do with cooking and it was a decent example of the genre with good graphics but the visual style doesn’t lend itself to any ornaments. Since it was vaguely western themed and I played as the sole female character, I guess one ofContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Eighteen: Cuisine Royale”

Cheapmas Day Seventeen: Particle Mace

Today’s game was probably the best one I’ve played for Cheapmas thus far and so it’s a shame that the video lost all its audio somehow. You can still watch it and since it’s a good game I don’t have a lot to say about it anyway. I drew a ship I unlocked, the Hardy.Continue reading “Cheapmas Day Seventeen: Particle Mace”

Cheapmas Day Sixteen: Flight of the Paladin

Today’s game was Flight of the Paladin and it was beaten with time to spare, so it’s not a very long game. It’s a competent vertical shooter where you take control of a sluggish paladin as he rides through the woods to defeat all manner of gothic beasties including three bosses. The problem is thatContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Sixteen: Flight of the Paladin”