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From Dirk Manley:

Chuck Lucky and the Technicolor Sky

In this tale from the early 20th century, we witness an early version of one of pulp novelist Dirk Manley’s most beloved creations. Chuck Lucky only desires one thing: to enjoy his day off. Yet the sky itself has other plans, and he has to get to the bottom of it before he continues relaxing.

The Fictosphere is thrilled to unearth the first of several Dirk Manley tales we’ve managed to find and it presented here with minimal editing from its original publication, sometime in the 1910s.

From Lord Mýk Podgor:

Chronicles of the Last Planet

Book One: The Cloudstar Prophecies

Edwin Cloudstar has never found a purpose in his life, but now one has found him: savior of Elos, the universe’s last planet.

Edwin stands against an ancient evil who seeks to turn Elos to their own mysterious purposes. He’s not alone: he has a sword he can’t use, powers he can’t control, and friends who don’t think he can do the job.

The Martell Brothers

Howl of the Wolf

The Martell Brothers have traveled from town to town, teaching people about the supernatural, but never really believing in the very lessons they taught. So when they arrive in a small European town and are told that if they want to stay, they have to slay a werewolf, the brothers assume it’s just a common wolf. Have they finally found the truth behind their mysteries? Or will this be their final lesson?

Area 42

Rat Trap – Henry Kielson is down on his luck: his wife’s left him, he’s lost his job, and to top it all off, some little girl has come to him with a sob story about a missing cat. Will he be able to find it and turn his life around? Or will he discover that no matter how much trouble he thinks he’s in, he can always sink deeper…

All Sorts – Marion Penders is having a secret dalliance in the school library, if by “secret” you mean “nearly criminal” and “dalliance” to be “trying to find a book that’ll unleash hell on Earth or some such nonsense”. Will she succeed?

No Hanky-Panky in the Graveyard – Lix is just a girl trying to spice up her streaming channel and chooses the wrong location to do it in.

Charleston Charge and the Metal Monster – Charleston Charge is an outsider looking for his place in the world but discovers that, sometimes, your place finds you instead.


PC/MS Volume 1: BOOK!

You demanded it, and now it’s finally here! The first ever PC/MS book! Aptly titled BOOK! this volume includes the first sixty-three PC/MS comics and a wealth of extra material!

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