The Time the Ninja Turtles Basically Fought Jason Voorhees

This article originally ran on March 16, 2018 on Mike Podgor’s Monsters of Multimedia. Our next batch of monsters really need no introduction, but they’ll be given one anyway. Since 1984, they’ve been applying various tenets of ninjutsu in a very teen-aged reptilian way with a sharp detour into pizza antics in 1987. They are,Continue reading “The Time the Ninja Turtles Basically Fought Jason Voorhees”

Ranking the Enemies of “Super Mario Brothers”

This article originally ran on January 29, 2018 on Mike Podgor’s Monsters of Multimedia. Today’s subject: Super Mario Brothers, originally developed and available for the Famicom and Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985. Autobiographically, this is also the year I was released, albeit almost a full five months earlier than Super Mario Brothers. It is alsoContinue reading “Ranking the Enemies of “Super Mario Brothers””

Banjo-Kazooie: Traitors to Nintendo

Banjo-Kazooie may be announced for Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. By the time you read this, that nightmare scenario may have already occurred. There’s also the chance that we have avoided such a terrible fate but people seemed awfully sure that the traitorous bear and bird would make their return to the Nintendo fold, and soContinue reading “Banjo-Kazooie: Traitors to Nintendo”

Introducing… MIKENIFICENT!

Hello, everyone! You may know me from such comics as Area 42 and PC/MS. The latter was even positively reviewed by Josh Fruhlinger! Yes, both of those currently lead to websites that aren’t up yet but that’s because I couldn’t get the import and export functions to work so I have to go in andContinue reading “Introducing… MIKENIFICENT!”