Cheapmas Day Eight: See No Evil

Mikenificent is also terrible at action puzzle games, a fact which becomes quite apparent when he decides halfway through the hour that he’s simply had enough of trying to figure out how to advance and quits. This is in no way a condemnation of the game, which is put together quite well and looks andContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Eight: See No Evil”

The CWisis on Infinite Earths Introduction

In addition to all the other projects he’s currently doing, Mikenificent is going to be recapping this year’s Arrowverse event for us because it’s the Crisis on Infinite Earths and it promises to be a doozy. Here’s a quick run-down, with some minor spoilers. The Crisis on Infinite Earths Basically, DC Comics acquired a numberContinue reading “The CWisis on Infinite Earths Introduction”

Cheapmas Day Seven: The Tiny Bang Story

Mikenificent is horrible at hidden object games, a fact which permeates this entire video as he’s barely able to get past the first area of the game within the hour time limit he’s set for himself. Watch as he bemoans his fate! Thrill as he shamelessly conducts a walkthrough several times! Rejoice as he doesContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Seven: The Tiny Bang Story”

Cheapmas Day Six: Splatter

Today’s game was Splatter, a zombie game where you run around a city killing zombies. It’s an overhead view, similar to the first Grand Theft Auto games and the protagonist, Max, sounds like he’s the kind of guy who’d corner you at a party and start talking to you about what Marxism is really about.Continue reading “Cheapmas Day Six: Splatter”

Cheapmas Day Five: Home

Today’s stream went well, if it was several hours late due to a headache. It’s a horror game side-scroller that looks and sounds great but since it’s a horror game Mikenificent keeps babbling and hoping nothing in this, a horror game, pops out to scare him. He also refers to the protagonist as Conan O’BrienContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Five: Home”

Mikenificent’s Self-Indulgent Sprite Comic Shorts

It’s time once again to a foray into my initial online comic offerings. While it could be argued that all of my webcomics have been self-indulgent, these two in particular stick out. The first because it never really needed to exist, and the second because I began introducing original characters that weren’t simply sprites. ThisContinue reading “Mikenificent’s Self-Indulgent Sprite Comic Shorts”

Cheapmas Day Four: Hunter’s Grimm

Today’s stream went by without a hitch, save that the game being played was excessively mediocre. Hunter’s Grimm (or Zoop! – Hunter’s Grimm as the Steam store calls it for some baffling reason) seems like it was simply made to dole out an excessive amount of cheap achievements. None of them have anything to doContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Four: Hunter’s Grimm”

Cheapmas Day Three: Lights Out

Audio problems continue to plague me but I think I have them worked out now. I have to do it as they come because there’s always something new and different that I’m completely unaware of until after the stream. Anyway, today’s game is a student game from Quebec called Lights Out and it concerns aContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Three: Lights Out”

Revisiting The Venture Brothers: “A Very Venture Christmas”

I know what you’re asking: how can you revisit a show that, for all intents and purposes, is still airing even if it’s airing very infrequently? For that, I’m simply deferring to the fact that this remains one of my favorite shows and this particular special aired in 2004, which at this point is fifteenContinue reading “Revisiting The Venture Brothers: “A Very Venture Christmas””

Cheapmas Day Two: Snake Eyes Dungeon

I paid too much for this game. It was less than a dollar and free once I used Steam credit but I still paid too much for this game. Snake Eyes Dungeon is a simple thing and looked like it might be fun, a mix of rogue-like gameplay mixed with a game of chance. It’sContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Two: Snake Eyes Dungeon”