Cheapmas Day Fourteen: Airscape

Today’s game was Airscape, a game where you kill cute little octopodes over and over again while your head starts to hurt because things are spinning around so much. Granted, you’re supposed to be helping these octopi navigate treacherous gravity-based action-puzzles but chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of octopus chunks by the endContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Fourteen: Airscape”

Cheapmas Day Thirteen: Battle Ranch

Mikenificent plays Battle Ranch today, and if you’d like to know what it is imagine Plants Vs. Zombies but uglier and not as good despite coming out years after Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s not a bad game for all that, seeing as how it’s basically Plants Vs. Zombies, but at the same point this gameContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Thirteen: Battle Ranch”

Revisiting X-Men: “Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas”

In the early nineties, two animated series came along that literally changed the game going forward. There was Batman: The Animated Series which is still heralded as one of the great cartoons of our era for its distinctive art style and episodes which didn’t dumb themselves down (too much, at least) for its intended gradeContinue reading “Revisiting X-Men: “Have Yourself a Morlock Little X-Mas””

Cheapmas Day Twelve: Prismata

Prismata is one of those card games which I enjoyed but typically have trouble with and no patience for after a very small amount of time. It was good, though. For the ornament, I drew this derpy robot skull. It’s less derpy in-game. We’ll flip him around and put him on the tree. Lovely, IContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twelve: Prismata”

Cheapmas Day Eleven: Gladiator Training

I don’t know what to think about this game. At its core, it’s something I was kind of digging but I tried to play it more after the hour and it’s just more of the same without anything more past that initial hour to recommend it. So it’s generally ambitious but ultimately disappointing. Also, allContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Eleven: Gladiator Training”

CWisis on Infinite Earths: The Flash

This episode has a lot to do. As the last episode before the hiatus, it has to make sure that the story has progressed to a certain point where we want to come back, and on that point it succeeds. Mia and Constantine are still trying to revive Oliver, but now they have Diggle onContinue reading “CWisis on Infinite Earths: The Flash”

Cheapmas Day Ten: Rocketbirds

Mikenificent plays Rocketbirds and finds it a mostly pleasant experience until he gets to a point where he becomes frustrated and quits. Before then, he found it to be quite a good game with responsive controls and a pleasingly cartoony style. The only thing he was surprised about was the amount of blood in theContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Ten: Rocketbirds”

CWisis On Infinite Earths: Batwoman

The second episode of the CWisis was a little slower than the first, with everyone breaking off into groups to find Paragons who are seemingly the only ones able to save the Multiverse. The most important addition might be various Legends and an alternate universe version of their ship, the Waverider, along with an alternateContinue reading “CWisis On Infinite Earths: Batwoman”

Cheapmas Day Nine: Braveland

Mikenificent plays Braveland but the video is weirdly choppy which is something that will be fixed for tomorrow. Nothing can be done for poor Braveland, which is an acceptable game but made him long for Heroes of Might and Magic. Which is unfair to Braveland, but the heart wants what the heart wants. For today’sContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Nine: Braveland”

CWisis on Infinite Earths: Supergirl

BEWARE: THERE ARE SPOILERS HERE, OBVIOUSLY. Now, we’re not going to be going over scene-by-scene like the Es-Cape Plan reviews or the revisits but, instead, I’m just going to a general overview of things along with some neat things I noticed. The episode starts with Harbringer bringing everyone to Earth-38 (Supergirl’s Earth, which I justContinue reading “CWisis on Infinite Earths: Supergirl”