Cheapmas Day Twenty: Ink

Today’s game was the challenging minimalist platformer Ink where you’re a square on a quest to do… something. Get to the end, I suppose, but in your way is a bunch of other shapes. I got pretty far. Here’s the protagonist, who’s also our ornament today: Yep. Let’s slap that guy on the tree. Lovely,Continue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty: Ink”

Cheapmas Day Nineteen: Minion Masters

Today, Mikenificent played another MMO but this one was a cartoony mesh of League of Legends and Magic: The Gathering or some similar nonsense. He did a decent job, and for today’s ornament he drew the token the game sometimes gives you. Let’s slap that sucker on the tree. Lovely. Two circles on the sameContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Nineteen: Minion Masters”

Cheapmas Day Eighteen: Cuisine Royale

Cuisine Royale is a battle royale game that seemingly had nothing to do with cooking and it was a decent example of the genre with good graphics but the visual style doesn’t lend itself to any ornaments. Since it was vaguely western themed and I played as the sole female character, I guess one ofContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Eighteen: Cuisine Royale”

Ice Climbers Do Whatever: Mikenificent’s Sprite Comic Opus

In my time as a sprite comic artist, I only really did five stories of various lengths. Last time, you saw my shortest efforts. This one was my longest effort, a joint effort between me and a former friend that included a number of upgrades in writing, art, and formatting. Lessons learned were put toContinue reading “Ice Climbers Do Whatever: Mikenificent’s Sprite Comic Opus”

Cheapmas Day Seventeen: Particle Mace

Today’s game was probably the best one I’ve played for Cheapmas thus far and so it’s a shame that the video lost all its audio somehow. You can still watch it and since it’s a good game I don’t have a lot to say about it anyway. I drew a ship I unlocked, the Hardy.Continue reading “Cheapmas Day Seventeen: Particle Mace”

Cheapmas Day Sixteen: Flight of the Paladin

Today’s game was Flight of the Paladin and it was beaten with time to spare, so it’s not a very long game. It’s a competent vertical shooter where you take control of a sluggish paladin as he rides through the woods to defeat all manner of gothic beasties including three bosses. The problem is thatContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Sixteen: Flight of the Paladin”

Es-Cape Plan Episode Five: Dice

Why I’m doing this…Previously on The Cape… Today’s episode features some of the creepiest interplay we’ve had in this series, which isn’t saying much since everyone save Trip has been able to interact like normal human beings. Speaking of Trip, we see him and his mother Dana so little in this episode in such disposableContinue reading “Es-Cape Plan Episode Five: Dice”

Cheapmas Day Fifteen: Sins of the Demon RPG

You may remember me playing Hunter’s Grimm. This is more of the same: an RPG maker game with boring characters and some weird attempts at diversifying itself. This game uses an active combat system and has a basic cooking mechanic but on the whole is super dull. Also, there was an sexy anime girl usedContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Fifteen: Sins of the Demon RPG”

Cheapmas Day Fourteen: Airscape

Today’s game was Airscape, a game where you kill cute little octopodes over and over again while your head starts to hurt because things are spinning around so much. Granted, you’re supposed to be helping these octopi navigate treacherous gravity-based action-puzzles but chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of octopus chunks by the endContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Fourteen: Airscape”

Cheapmas Day Thirteen: Battle Ranch

Mikenificent plays Battle Ranch today, and if you’d like to know what it is imagine Plants Vs. Zombies but uglier and not as good despite coming out years after Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s not a bad game for all that, seeing as how it’s basically Plants Vs. Zombies, but at the same point this gameContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Thirteen: Battle Ranch”