The Sins of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation

Let’s talk about the black sheep of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise, though that’s a loaded statement because depending on who you talk to the culprit might be any number of things. Someone deeply enamored with the original Mirage series might claim that the original cartoon is a bastardization of the characters, while othersContinue reading “The Sins of Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation”

Mikenificent’s Final Sprite Comic: How Mike P Stole Easter

After last time, I was fairly shook. Ice Climbers Do Whatever, a comic I made in high school at the turn of the millennium, didn’t hold up as well as I thought it did! I was able to pin-point the exact moment that things went from being fun to sort of a slog and itContinue reading “Mikenificent’s Final Sprite Comic: How Mike P Stole Easter”

Super Mario: Join the Collective

Note: All images taken from Nintendo’s official site. Mario is about to celebrate his 35th anniversary, and with this momentous occasion comes news of his three-dimensional outings receiving remasters. Thus far, the only time Nintendo has done this for Mario was Super Mario 64 DS, which added some mini-games and playable characters while also showcasingContinue reading “Super Mario: Join the Collective”

COVID-19: How Fictosphere Entertainment is Responding

COVID-19 is having a definite impact on all our lives, and we’re sure you’re wondering how the folks at Fictosphere Entertainment are coping with the gnarliest pandemic since 1918 and the short answer is: we’re not! Our headquarters, which is a disused office we commandeered after the quarantine order went down, has been outfitted withContinue reading “COVID-19: How Fictosphere Entertainment is Responding”

The Question

Jeff Keane sat at his drawing board and looked at the bizarre image of what was supposed to be his mother and thought, “Did my mom look like that? Was she a lively and vivacious young woman?” He paused, his pen pressed to paper, and realized with horror, “We killed that version of her.” ForContinue reading “The Question”

CWisis on Infinite Earths: Finale

SPOILERS AHEAD, OBVIOUSLY PREVIOUSLY ON THE CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS: ALMOST EVERYONE DIED! After a flashback to the start of the Monitor’s journey and all this nonsense, we join the Paragons who are the only people in the Multiverse left alive. These, once again, are the Flash (Barry Allen), Supergirl (Kara Danvers), Batwoman (Kate Kane),Continue reading “CWisis on Infinite Earths: Finale”

Cheapmas Day Twenty-Five: Super Metroid

On this, the final day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent played Super Metroid and it’s easily the best game he played this month and the only one he’s likely to revisit for anything other than revenge. He drew a Metroid for the tree: Let’s slap that sucker on the tree, in the final spot: Lovely, andContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-Five: Super Metroid”

Cheapmas Day Twenty-Four: Shadow Warrior

On the penultimate day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent traveled back to the far-off year of 1997 to play Shadow Warrior which he had endless trouble with initially. Once he was able to get the game to actually run and figure out the controls he had less trouble but still a fair amount of trouble becauseContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-Four: Shadow Warrior”

Cheapmas Day Twenty-Three: Dungeons & Aliens

On the twenty-third day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent played Dungeons & Aliens, a game which he considered to have an unfair difficulty curve with a focus on grinding to beat levels which you had to beat so you could get coins to keep grinding to beat the levels. Which is not to say that theContinue reading “Cheapmas Day Twenty-Three: Dungeons & Aliens”