The Fictosphere Spooktacular: A Brief Introduction

It’s October, and everyone knows what that means: People obsessed with pumpkin spice everything. Also, Halloween! We at the Fictosphere would like to concentrate a bit on the latter this month. While it’s no secret that we love monsters here (many of Mike Podgor’s past Throwback Thursday posts are from a blog concerned with theContinue reading “The Fictosphere Spooktacular: A Brief Introduction”

The Fictocast #003: Special Double-Sized Event Episode!

It’s the third episode of our podcast, which you can listen to here, or simply by watching the video below: In this episode of the Fictocast, the Fictospherians (Jeffry Holloway, Randall Malus, Mikenificent Podgor, and contributor Trevor Thomson) talk about various comic book crossovers and events.

The Fictocast #002: Not Everyone is Here

Here’s the second episode of our podcast! You can listen to it here or just play the video below: RATED M FOR MATURE In this edition of the Fictocast, we discuss characters we’d like to see come to Super Smash Brothers Ultimate and characters we’re likely to see. You can hear detailed explanations and discussionsContinue reading “The Fictocast #002: Not Everyone is Here”

The Adventures of Matsu Her-O

Long ago, before the birth of the Fictosphere as it is now, the founders counted one more in their number: Matt Heywood. While Matt did initially coin the site’s name, it was in service of his signature character: Matsu Her-O, a being who travels the Fictosphere looking for wrongs to right. Matt then proceeded toContinue reading “The Adventures of Matsu Her-O”

The Fictocast #001: The All-New All-Same Fictocast!

Here’s the first episode of our podcast! You can listen to it here, or just play the video below: Jeffrey Holloway, Randall Malus, and Mikenificent discuss what they’ve been up to since the last podcast, and they manage to cajole Trevor Thomson into joining them as well. They then discuss the upcoming Showa Gojira CriterionContinue reading “The Fictocast #001: The All-New All-Same Fictocast!”

Not Your Typical Haunting

By Cynthia Lee Sheeler Originally posted to Crane’s Cabinet of Kinetographic Curiosities on February 23, 2018. “When does the haunting begin?” The question, posed by my mother as my family half-mooned the TV set for scary movie night, was a fair one. An inquiry any number of horror fans might ask when viewing The HauntingContinue reading “Not Your Typical Haunting”