Welcome to the Fictorenaissance

Hello, everybody, and welcome back… to the Fictosphere. I’m your host for this re-introduction, Lord Mýk, but we’ll be leaving this tagged as a staff post. You may have noticed our absence, first due to staff malfunctions and then due to a bizarre site malfunction which necessitated getting special clearance from our old host so that we could actually access the old site, excavate most of the content, set up an entirely new site, place the old content on the new site, scour each and every article to ensure that the media would work (if something doesn’t work, feel free to tell us, or alternatively, go suck an egg), and then transfer the domain and watch as the site kept switching from the old broken one to the new one with no rhyme or reason until things settled and we’ve finally reached this, the new site, Fictosphere-Prime.

Our new site has a lot of the fun of the old site, but we hope it’s a lot cleaner and easier to browse through. There’s no way for you to check on this, so just assume it’s nicer and go from there. You may notice that our Podcasts, once hosted through the site itself and not distributed by anything other than hope, have found a new home on Anchor. The repercussions of this are not yet evident, but will probably make themselves known in due time. In any case, you can listen to them with Spotify now? I think that was a selling point?

As for what we’ve been doing during our absences, well, we’ve all been doing just peachy for given values of “peachy”.

Lord Mýk (formerly Lord Mikenificent, formerly Mike Podgor, formerly MartianFrog) has spent the interim battling demons, both within and without, and crafted a special pendant to aid in his efforts though its effectiveness has yet to be seen but we pray they are fruitful. He has also continued Zorgnox’s Depository of Earth Sundries, soon to be a major motion picture.

Randall Malus has continued his efforts to excavate the varied histories of the Internet and kept up with his love of older films. Whether or not this results in a Web 1.0 page about silent films is yet to be seen. We pray that, should this come to pass, he remembers how to use frames.

Jeffrey Holloway secluded himself in an undisclosed location to translate ancient texts and compile tomes of miscellaneous repute. Every day we fear we’ll see the fruit of his efforts,m and pray that when the time comes we will be spared.

Senior Contributor Trevor Thomson has simply survived and bided his time, though whether or not this is a feat is up to debate as we do not know what, exactly, he’s survived or what he’s biding his time until. We pray his efforts are found to be worthwhile.

Jonathan Hortenz, lacking his usual reason to leave the house, hasn’t done so in months and fears doing so now even though some theaters are open. We have sent him a DVD to kick off this Fictorenaissance and we pray it goes to him safely and that he’s willing to write a review for the film contained upon it.

Matsu Her-O violently broke ties with the rest of us and was arrested for unknown crimes. We think he was acquitted, or found innocent, or simply let go but we have no means of contacting him so we can’t be sure. In our final conversation, he threatened to continue the Adventures of Matsu Her-O without our input and make it “darker, grittier, sexier, all that shit” and that he would finally have Matsu kiss a lady. This is another outcome we pray we do not see.

Anyway, that’s it, and we hope you continue to check in with us (or simply follow us on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram) to see what we’ve got cooking up.

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