Crazy Redd: Video Gaming’s Greatest Monster

Like many of you, I’ve been playing Animal Crossing so much during this pandemic that my villager (a young lady named Xen, as per usual) has changed her clothes far more often than I have and I’ve seen things progress from Lord of the Flies to something more akin to the Village, with Tom Nook as a far more benevolent Number Two and while I haven’t indulged in as much terraforming as most players, I’d say my little island (called Aulia, also per tradition) was a pretty nice place, but it all changed when a man named Redd came to town.

Now, to say Redd is a man would be a falsehood. He’s no man, in any sense of the word. He’s a trickster demon sent from Hell to part me from my Bells with paintings both real and fake, mundane and haunted. Redd’s a necessary part of the island’s ecosystem, with his art being the only way to jump-start your museum’s growth beyond its admittedly lavish fish, fossil, and bug wings. In fact, you might even call Redd a necessary evil with an accent on “evil”.

The first time Redd travels to your island, he’ll sell you a real painting and after that, the deal is usually that he has three pieces of fake art and one real one, and the only way to figure out which is which is by obtaining a major in art history or accessing one of the many FAQs on the subject. However, one day not long ago, I discovered that sometimes Redd changes the rules.

On this particular visit, I closely examined the three paintings and single statue Redd had brought with him. In all my years of playing Animal Crossing, he had always brought at least one real piece with him. Sometimes two, but this time? Every single piece was a forgery.

My trust in Redd was already strained since I knew his tricks, but I found it could drop even further. I ended up buying the Amazing Painting (Rembrandt’s The Night Watch) simply because I wasn’t 100% sure the central figure had the hat he was supposed to or not. I held out hope that I had purchased the real deal, but Blathers the Owl confirmed my suspicion: I had purchased a fake. A decent fake, but a fake nonetheless.

It hangs in my house now, a constant reminder of Redd’s nature. I only hope that one day Redd’s nature catches up to him and perhaps I’ll be able to help land him in whatever passes for prison in the Animal Crossing world. Your time will come, Redd. Someday.

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