Tremors: Chaos Effect

I initially balked at the idea of a Tremors & Jurassic Park crossover, thinking there was no real story, & just a handful of quick imagination snapshots like a Graboid attacking a T. Rex or Shrieker & Raptor packs at war with each other. But then, some thoughts occurred to me. I thought about what I’d want to personally see from this. I proposed a possible finale to the Tremors franchise, or at least tying up loose ends, most of them coming from TREMORS: THE SERIES. And, the series provided what I thought was the perfect connective tissue between the two franchises: MIXMASTER.

Now, before we begin, some disclaimers:

All art is copyright of the following artists: XenoTeeth3, ToonHolt, Hellraptor, W. Rex, & Inaros131.   Also, certain details of this plot treatment are subject to change based on how the forthcoming film ISLAND FURY (Tremors 7) will play out. It will also not directly effect the JURASSIC PARK/WORLD continuity, fitting wherever it is best suited in said canon. The Ian Malcolm character is optional, provided the interest or lack thereof of actor Jeff Goldblum in a direct to video project.

That out of the way, let’s dive in:

Burt Gummer (Michael Gross) has finally found THE LAB, constructed underground in Perfection Valley by the Proud Foot Corporation during the early 1970s, its purpose: to create bio-weapons for use in the Vietnam War. But…nothing remains, save the structure itself. Dismayed at the lack of results after such a long search, Burt emails Dr. Casey Matthews (Sarah Rafferty), informing her his search has ended, with no fruit borne.

Top: Michael Gross as Burt Gummer; Bottom: Sarah Rafferty as Dr. Casey Matthews, as well as a more current pic of Rafferty

As Burt makes this discovery, Tyler Reed & Rosalita Sanchez (Victor Browne & Gladise Jimenez) arrive in Perfection, now married after leaving the valley as a couple some time ago. While the trio reconnect, we learn through dialogue what happened between the events of THE SERIES & BLOODLINES.

Top: Victor Browne & Gladise Jimenez as Tyler Reed & Rosalita Sanchez; Bottom: Victor & Gladise in more recent years

El Blanco finally did die, his status as an albino of the Graboid species shortening his lifespan. As a result, a domino effect occurred: with no Graboid to attract tourists, Tyler’s business with the Desert Jack Graboid Adventure tours evaporated, so he and Rosalita moved on, to Bixby.  Perfection Valley was also no longer deemed protected land, since its endangered species was now gone. Melvin Plug had moved on after many failed attempts to develop the land; Nancy Sterngood could no longer make figurines to sell at Chang’s Market, so she too had moved away, to live with her daughter, Mindy. That left Jodi Chang & Burt, with Jodi then having decided to go to school in Reno, as we learned in A COLD DAY IN HELL. Burt then became, essentially, the last man standing, his further isolation hardening his persona even more.

As this reunion plays out, Burt receives a response back from Dr. Matthews: she has a lead on where the majority of the Mixmaster compound that was developed in The Lab was taken after the government cover-up: it was commandeered by what would later become the InGen Foundation, & was instrumental in their breakthroughs with gene-splicing, leading to the creation of John Hammond’s Jurassic Park, & later Masrani’s Jurassic World. The current activity with the compound can now be traced back to one man: Dr. Henry Wu (B.D. Wong), a fugitive of the law after the 2015 Isla Nublar incident.

Dr. Wu from the Jurassic Park/World franchise, played by B.D. Wong

Matthews has consulted with Mixmaster expert & ex-Proud Foot scientist Cletus Poffenberger (Christopher Lloyd) as well as mathematician & chaos theorist Ian Malcolm (Jeff Goldblum) on a possible apprehending of Dr. Wu, with Burt heading the covert operation, having recently been to where Wu has now set up shop: the island location from ISLAND FURY.

Christopher Lloyd played scientist Cletus Poffenberger on the Tremors TV show; Jeff Goldblum as Dr. Ian Malcolm in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018)

Burt accepts the task, ready to end the effects of Mixmaster for good.  Despite his initial objections, Burt agrees to let Tyler come along, & despite Tyler’s initial objections, Rosalita will too. The Perfection trio meet-up with the Scientist trio, & travel to the island by plane. Upon arrival, they find Wu’s handiwork prowling about, but also, & much to Burt’s surprise, a healthy population of Graboid Kin, at war for dominance with Wu’s newest hybrids.

Trying to survive amidst the carnage of the island’s inhabitants, the team find Wu’s facility, but are met by a pair of controlled Dilophospinus. Wu greets them once they enter the facility, & all too happily lets them know what has transpired since his arrival: During the events of ISLAND FURY, an Ass Blaster managed to lay an egg before it was killed, the resulting Graboid already running amok when Wu arrived on the island. It eventually morphed into Shriekers, & thus began a race to set up Wu’s new lab before the creatures became unstoppable.

Still furthering his research, but with the goal of surviving the attacks of Graboid Kin taking priority, Wu designed 7 new lethal hybrids to protect his facility. Impressed by the Graboid species, Wu then conceived of an 8th hybrid that would utilize their DNA. The resulting creature, a combo of Graboid & Mosasaurus, resided in a pool in the facility. It, of course, was unpredictable, & managed to break free for a reign of terror. Burt’s team realizes that this is the deadly creature they have been trying to avoid prior to finding the facility, it not only being a aquatic creature, but an underground dweller as well.

ABOVE and BELOW: The Graboid hybrid creature is based on the GREBNEDU, from Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights, Jurassic Park: Project Evilution attraction.

For the finale, & as the team makes their final move, Wu either escapes or is killed (depending on whatever involvement he has in JW3, if any), & the facility is destroyed whilst the Graboid hybrid has a final battle with the last of the first 7 hybrids: the Ultimasaurus.

Substitute the Indominus Rex with the Grebnedu, & you have an idea as to the finale.

Hybrids encountered by Burt’s team:








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