COVID-19: How Fictosphere Entertainment is Responding

COVID-19 is having a definite impact on all our lives, and we’re sure you’re wondering how the folks at Fictosphere Entertainment are coping with the gnarliest pandemic since 1918 and the short answer is: we’re not!

Our headquarters, which is a disused office we commandeered after the quarantine order went down, has been outfitted with the very best in anti-raider technology, since we haven’t been outside this office in days and assume that the streets are now run by Mad Max-style street gangs, or perhaps something more akin to The Warriors. In any case, we are safeguarded against invasion.

While Lord Mikenificent and Randall Malus have secured themselves in the headquarters, our contributors have had various degrees of luck. We managed to retrieve Trevor Thomson before things became too bad, though in an effort to normalize things we only speak to him sporadically and keep him in a room. Contact is only made over Facebook Messenger, though we can clearly hear him and his various pitches through the thin walls. These pitches are all similar, asking for freedom or at least an unused bucket.

Word was sent to Jonathan Hortenz, but we can only assume that he was captured or killed by Corona raiders on the way to the headquarters for we haven’t heard from him since. Matt Heywood did manage to make it to headquarters, though he went out on a supply run the first day and hasn’t been seen nor heard from since.

The founders, meanwhile, are each coping in their own way. Jeffrey Holloway, seemingly unafraid of the virus and the raiders, comes and goes at will. While his arrivals bring a small amount of joy since he always brings some sort of fresh supplies, his departures bring greater joys because he tries to undo morale by insisting that there are no raiders outside our walls. We assume he has been seduced by a raider and seeks to undo us, and for that there will someday be a reckoning.

Randall Malus has holed up in an office but can sometimes be seen entering the common area of the headquarters during the night, retrieving some food and drink and darting back into his office. He has amassed a large library of old media which he has been digitizing and then un-digitizing for purposes known only to him. Occasionally, he can be heard shouting at the passing raiders through the window, no doubt trying to lure them forth for some dark purpose.

Lord Mikenificent has taken his name to heart and his face has not been since since the start. Whenever he emerges from his room he’s wearing a costume. Some of these cover his full body, others are simply a pair of trousers, a face-concealing mask, and a cloak. He refuses to talk to anyone and instead uses various objects as puppets to speak to the others of his plans. He seeks a bride, and also to annex the dental offices next door. There’s rumors of a potential takeover of Cleveland but these come from a surly bottle of syrup so these may not be true.

Anyway, we hope that you and yours are having a better time during this pandemic and quarantine and we hope your perusal of this site offers some slight solace from the terrors of the raiders outside.

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