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“Rockman” becomes a rock opera thanks to the talented Protomen

Sadly, it takes about 100 years for the Protomen to write, record, and release new music, so a third act (new album) hasn’t yet been released.  But, one is indeed on the horizon I hear, and should be coming soon.  As long as the quality is as high as it ever was, it will be well worth the wait in my humble opinion.

In terms of comments on the article itself, this one came from about ten years ago:

Kanye West is a total douche. You might want to write an article about that.

– Joe Doakes

It’s a reference to a facebook “feud” I had with this kid I knew from high school about Kanye West’s then-infamous interruption of Taylor Swift at the Grammy’s.  I found the whole obsession with the event to be hilariously trivial, and so anytime this guy would bring it up, I’d talk about how Kanye’s a genius and, as a genius, he’s exempt from the rules of etiquette.  This made him extremely angry and he blocked me.  Apparently, he felt the need to get the last word as Joe Doakes, an alias he used often.  Which is fine.  I’m still better at life in general.

Originally published at on October 21, 2009.

Pop quiz, hotshot:  What do Jesus and Mega Man have in common?

Aside from both being robots from a distant future, Mega Man now joins Jesus in the prestigious honor known as the rock opera.  And the Protomen have made it all possible.

Honestly, words cannot express how awesome the music is.  The Protomen have released two albums thus far and already it’s obvious that these folks are going to go far.

The first album, simply entitled The Protomen, tells the story of Protoman a heroic android built by the benevolent Dr. Thomas Light (to save humanity from a dystopic robot-filled society ruled by the megalomaniacal Dr. Albert Wily) and Mega Man, Protoman’s android “brother”.

Protoman fights valiantly for the humans of the city, tearing through Dr. Wily’s forces with wreckless abandon, but ultimately Protoman is killed in battle while the humans he was charged to protect look on in indifference.  Wracked by frustration, guilt, sorrow, and rage, Dr. Light goes back to his workshop and builds Mega Man.  Though Dr. Light at first tries to convince Mega Man not to fight for the uncaring populace, Mega Man disobeys Light and rushes into battle, determined to avenge his fallen brother.  What Mega Man finds near the end of his journey, however, is a bit more than he bargained for.

The second album, entitled Act II: The Father of Death, is a prequel.  Taking place more than twelve years before the events of the first album, it chronicles the events that lead to Dr. Light’s tarnished reputation and Dr. Wily’s rise to power.

Though obviously not the strictest adherents to accepted Mega Man continuity, the Protomen paint the Mega Man story as an epic with heart, soul, and a message.  The music itself seamlessly blends hard rock with bursts of synth reminiscent of the electronic beats found in the Mega Man series as a whole.  If you love rock, love Mega Man, or just love quality, the Protomen will fill you with so much awesome that your heart will burst from your chest and attack your friends like a xenomorph from a Ridley Scott film.  But, enough talk.  Below are a few selected tracks and the usual obligatory links.  Do yourself a favor and give them a listen.  Even better, buy the albums and support this incredible band.  You won’t be sorry.

Mega Man 10 Robot Master names leaked! Capcom has a fit! Spoilers within!

This article was a topical, spur of the moment article that took advantage of the then-recent leak of Robot Master names for
Mega Man 10. That’s…that’s it.

Originally published at on January 11, 2010.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Robot Masters for Mega Man 10 have been named!  Furthermore, they’re all apparently true, as Capcom has seen fit to delete every thread associated with the–not rumors–spoilers from the Capcom Unity website.

Yes, you read correctly.  This is the information that Capcom doesn’t want you to know.  Seriously, folks, they’re literally freaking out about this, even though this information will in no conceivable way hurt the sales of Mega Man 10.  Plus, when you think about it, it’s truly Capcom’s fault that these names were leaked, as they must have shared this information with someone in order for it to have been leaked in the first place

Perhaps “Classified Man” or “Big Brother Man”  will be found in Capcom’s next Mega Man game.

The Robot Masters are as follows (and this information came from ProtoDude’s Rockman Corner, before ProtoDude very bravely ran away from his evil overlords at Capcom):

  • Blade Man
  • Strike Man
  • Pump Man
  • Commando Man
  • Solar Man
  • Chill Man
  • Sheep Man
  • Nitro Man

Again, though Capcom has not issued an official statement, I think the fact that the mods over at Capcom Unity soil themselves every time these names are mentioned is evidence of the information’s accuracy.  If you, my loyal readers, post these names in a thread on Capcom Unity, you will see how long it takes for the mods to delete your posts, your entire threads, and, possibly, your very lives!  That’s right, folks, a bunch of twenty-something nerdy Japanese game designers will swarm upon you like a clan of ancient assassins.  Be warned!

All joking aside, Capcom’s reaction is a complete joke.  They really are treating this tiny, insignificant leak as the most grievous intellectual property crime since Napster–or The Pirate Bay.  With this in mind, though ProtoDude may only answer to his Capcom masters, I answer to my loyal readers and fellow fans of the Blue Bomber.  This is my gift to the fans.

I will update as more information becomes available.  Keep the free press alive!


Selected tracks from Act One: The Will of One, Vengeance  Selected tracks from Act Two: The Hounds, Light Up the Night

Protomen Links: Official Protomen Website, Protomen on Wikipedia

Mega Man 10 Info: Capcom Unity, ProtoDude’s Rockman Corner

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