Cheapmas Day Twenty-Three: Dungeons & Aliens

On the twenty-third day of Cheapmas, Lord Mikenificent played Dungeons & Aliens, a game which he considered to have an unfair difficulty curve with a focus on grinding to beat levels which you had to beat so you could get coins to keep grinding to beat the levels. Which is not to say that the basic mechanics of the game weren’t sound, simply that actual progression became nigh impossible if you spent any of your earned gold incorrectly and earning that gold was, in itself, a Herculean task. For the ornament, he opted not to draw any of the actual characters but rather one of the obstacles you can use for a very finite amount of time because he didn’t want to spend any more time on this game than he had to.

Let’s slap that on the tree, along with the tacit understanding that someday Lord Mikenificent will have his revenge:

Lovely, for a given value of loveliness.

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