Cheapmas Day Twenty-Two: Sunrider First Mission

While Lord Mikenificent set out to play Sunrider: Mask of Arcadius he discovered that the game came with the first part, First Mission, and he decided to play that instead. He didn’t get very far. It’s a visual novel crossed with a hexagonal space battle thing filled with anime girls and giant robots which seems like it’s exactly in the wheelhouse of people he knew back in high school and, if he’s being honest, it’s a motif he doesn’t really mind but also isn’t one he’s going to intentionally seek out. Anyway, here’s the head of one of those anime girls. Asuga, maybe?

Let’s slap her on the tree.

Lovely, if you call a tree largely covered in shapes, Conan O’Briens, and monsters lovely. Tomorrow there’ll probably be some other monster on there.

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