Cheapmas Day Fourteen: Airscape

Today’s game was Airscape, a game where you kill cute little octopodes over and over again while your head starts to hurt because things are spinning around so much. Granted, you’re supposed to be helping these octopi navigate treacherous gravity-based action-puzzles but chances are you’ll be seeing a lot of octopus chunks by the end of it. The headache thing is contingent on how well you’ll adapt to the entire screen spinning around as you try to get the octopus where you need it to go but this isn’t due to the controls, which are fairly tight and do their job. No, it’s because there’s portions where you weave between planets and and through water and it’s just all too much.

Anyway, here’s the main octopus. There’s several, but I only rescued the purple one who floats.

It’s certainly the cutest thing on the tree thus far. Unfortunately, it’s not in good company.

Lovely, I guess. I’d hope that tomorrow’s game offers something something cute but I know what tomorrow’s game is and I doubt this will be the case.

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