Cheapmas Day Thirteen: Battle Ranch

Mikenificent plays Battle Ranch today, and if you’d like to know what it is imagine Plants Vs. Zombies but uglier and not as good despite coming out years after Plants Vs. Zombies. It’s not a bad game for all that, seeing as how it’s basically Plants Vs. Zombies, but at the same point this game costs $2 while you can get a free-to-play version of Plants Vs. Zombies or pay $5 for the full version and honestly? Unless Battle Ranch started pulling out surprises later on, you’d be better off spending that extra three dollars.

Anyway, here’s the default offensive plant. Since this game only replaces “zombies” with “boar vikings” it’s just a bunch of different uglier plants. This one is supposed to be a star fruit.

That certainly is something that looks vaguely like a fruit. Let’s slap it on the tree:

Lovely, on the whole. I mean, looking at it now, there’s a robot skull and chicken fetus on there with this ugly fruit but it’s balanced out by things like Conan O’Brien and the fairy?

Oh no.

Is this tree horrible?

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