Cheapmas Day Eleven: Gladiator Training

I don’t know what to think about this game. At its core, it’s something I was kind of digging but I tried to play it more after the hour and it’s just more of the same without anything more past that initial hour to recommend it. So it’s generally ambitious but ultimately disappointing. Also, all the talk about owning and selling slaves and making them fight for you as if the gladiators weren’t human beings kind of made me feel dirty.

The worst thing (well, other than the slave thing) is that its visual identity was terrible and I couldn’t find a single thing during that hour or beyond that I really wanted to draw so here’s Subject M instead. I’ll draw him as a gladiator to keep with the spirit of the thing.

This was going to happen eventually.

Lovely, isn’t it? I’d say it was probably a bad thing to put a green thing on the tree but there’s already that frog by Conan O’Brien so whatever. Hopefully tomorrow we’ll have a more visually interesting game.

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