CWisis On Infinite Earths: Batwoman

The second episode of the CWisis was a little slower than the first, with everyone breaking off into groups to find Paragons who are seemingly the only ones able to save the Multiverse. The most important addition might be various Legends and an alternate universe version of their ship, the Waverider, along with an alternate Heat Wave. Constantine is also there. Anyway, this allows them to have a set they can keep reusing so that’s good.

They already have two Paragons out of seven on the Waverider. Supergirl is the Paragon of Hope while Sarah Lance is the Paragon of Destiny but they have leads on the Paragons of Courage and Truth but it’s a race against time because not only is, you know, the multiverse ending but Lex Luthor has stolen the Book of Destiny and is using it to go from universe to universe killing Supermen. So we have three teams: the one finding the Paragon of Courage, the one seeking the Paragon of Truth, and finally a third trying to resurrect Oliver.

Team One zips off to Earth-99, in which Bruce Wayne is a broken old man whom we quickly learn killed all of his villains and also Superman. He winds up dead, but when the team (which consists of Supergirl and Batwoman, who have good chemistry) returns we find out that Batwoman was the Paragon of Courage the whole time!

Team Two consists of Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Iris West-Allen trying to find the Paragon of Truth, whom they assume is a Superman who, remember, Lex Luthor is trying to kill. He’s already gotten a few of them, but they find the right one in Earth-96 which is basically Kingdom Come Earth. He’s happy to help save the multiverse until Lex Luthor shows up and forces him to fight Earth-38 Superman, but the two ladies stop the fight and everything’s cool.

Team Three is Barry Allen, Mia Queen, Sarah Lance, and Constantine and they’re trying to find a Lazarus Pit to resurrect Oliver. They find on on Earth-18 and he goes insane after he’s plopped in there.

While all this is going on, Ray Palmer was building a Paragon detector to help move things along but now we have four Paragons on the Waverider with three to go. Except the Anti-Monitor finally showed up and stole Harbringer away, so we’ll see what goes on with that.

This episode, on the whole, could have been paced a little better but it still served its purpose and there were enough nice moments to keep things going. The Monitor did bring together a Paragon-esque team in the original mini-series so that was a good nod to that, but we’ll have to see what happens tomorrow.


Black Lightning had a Crisis tie-in episode where his daughter, Jen, saw two alternate Jens on Earth-1 and Earth-2 and what their lives were like. Things ended with Black Lightning vanishing and his world being consumed by the Anti-Matter Wave.

Today’s Earths:
-Earth-74, which we don’t find out too much about save that the Legends disbanded and Captain Cold is the voice of the Waverider.
-Earth-99 is the one of future Batman, who just couldn’t stop killin’. He was also Kevin Conroy.
-Earth-75, which we don’t see too much of but Lex killed that world’s Superman, so the number is likely a reference to Superman #75 where he was killed by Doomsday.
-Earth-167 is Smallville Earth, where we find out that Clark has given up his powers to raise two girls with Lois Lane. Also, Lex is president.
-Earth-96 is the Kingdom Come world, complete with Joker killing off a bunch of Daily Planet people. We don’t see too much more of this world, so we don’t know if things went the same way as they did in the mini-series. He also makes a reference to fighting his doppelganger, so it might also be the world of the original Superman movies.
-Earth-18, which is an Old West World. I think we saw a pre-scarred Jonah Hex there?

There’s an ongoing runner where Heat Wave is the only one who can keep Lois and Clark’s baby calm.

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