Cheapmas Day Seven: The Tiny Bang Story

Mikenificent is horrible at hidden object games, a fact which permeates this entire video as he’s barely able to get past the first area of the game within the hour time limit he’s set for himself. Watch as he bemoans his fate! Thrill as he shamelessly conducts a walkthrough several times! Rejoice as he does solve the puzzles by himself! Cheer as he mumbles about finding even more wheels! Also there’s a part where he’s just putting together a jigsaw puzzle.

This is not Mikenificent’s shining moment.

The ornament is based on a part in the game where you have to put together a jigsaw puzzle. Some of the pieces have discernible images on them, while others look like this. All the pieces are identically cut, though some are horizontal. It’s not a good part of the game.

We’ll put it next to the little froggy, because while Mikenificent had trouble with this game it wasn’t the game’s fault.

Lovely. Hopefully there’s no more trouble past this point.

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