Mikenificent’s Self-Indulgent Sprite Comic Shorts

It’s time once again to a foray into my initial online comic offerings. While it could be argued that all of my webcomics have been self-indulgent, these two in particular stick out. The first because it never really needed to exist, and the second because I began introducing original characters that weren’t simply sprites.

This first comic occurred between Bill and Fred’s Nonexcellent Adventure and Count Pikachu.

There was absolutely no reason for this to exist, as I could have just made them larger it the comic and not called any attention to it. Yet it exists, and it got me into trouble in geometry class when I began sketching it in my notebook. I didn’t even make them that much bigger, which is the most jarring aspect of the whole thing.

The next comic, at least, was supposed to be a similar thing but obviously exploded for reasons I’ll explain later.

The original comic was four panels long but I thought the clump of dirt I drew over the hat looked like a wizard’s robes and so the entire thing became what you just read which introduces two antagonists which kept popping up. Purga the Demon-Thing (called so because he’s only a half-demon due to some Antichrist thing going on. No, really) reoccurred regularly pre-Fictosphere and functioned as one of proto-Subject M’s big bads, as did the other guy who fancied himself to be a master of disguise. He was also created by a friend but I stole him gained ownership of him and made him my own, though his other most notable characteristic isn’t evident here.

The big deal about those three characters, I suppose, is that each one was drawn by me. Gerald was done with a mouse, but the other two were drawn and scanned in. Anyway, we only have two sprite comics left to look at, but boy, are they doozies.

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