Cheapmas Day Four: Hunter’s Grimm

Today’s stream went by without a hitch, save that the game being played was excessively mediocre.

Hunter’s Grimm (or Zoop! – Hunter’s Grimm as the Steam store calls it for some baffling reason) seems like it was simply made to dole out an excessive amount of cheap achievements. None of them have anything to do with gameplay, and all were obtained within five minutes of starting the game. It was not a good start.

The game itself is a typical JRPG, looking as if it was made with RPG Maker so the gameplay and graphics hold no surprises save for an incredibly elaborate system of obtaining magic that I didn’t bother with for my playthrough and I suspect is completely unnecessary since the theoretical magic user is able to kill things far more efficiently with his default attack than the warrior is with hers.

As for the story itself, I can only assume it has to do with an evil overlord we see during the overly long opening, but after that cutscene (which is overselling it) we join the two protagonists as they hunt monsters. They’re generic anime designs and I have no idea if someone on the team actually drew them or the rest of the character portraits. They bicker endlessly, the girl gets made fun of for being dumb, and there’s all manner of twee references and jokes that could be fun or cute in the right hands (*coughEarthboundcough*) but here just come across as painful.

It’s possible that the game really blossoms after that first hour, but I think it’s far more likely that it just goes about its generic JRPG “wacky” way for the entirety until there’s a climax which is either far too easy or far too difficult. I have no interest in finding out, but I have to draw an ornament so here’s the overworld representation of the basic monsters:

I put far too much work into that, but I have the perfect place to put it on the tree, where it’ll usually be hidden by the logo:

Lovely. Tomorrow’s game should be better.

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