Cheapmas Day Two: Snake Eyes Dungeon

I paid too much for this game. It was less than a dollar and free once I used Steam credit but I still paid too much for this game. Snake Eyes Dungeon is a simple thing and looked like it might be fun, a mix of rogue-like gameplay mixed with a game of chance. It’s a simple and fun concept in theory, but in practice was a slog that made it hard to get through the required hour.

The gameplay is just rolling dice and clicking on things. If you complete a mission or a floor of the dungeon, you get gold to use to upgrade yourself. The problem is that each and every thing is dependent on your dice rolls so if you have a string of unlucky rolls, your chances of survival are low. You could probably also get stuck on a floor, because it’s entirely possible to defeat a monster and not get any gold which you need to buy power-ups and the required key to end the level. You could get the key as loot, too, but you’d have to roll a two after fighting any monster.

The best part about the game is the pixel art, which renders a variety of monsters in that style. There’s all sorts of creatures who are far more capable of killing you than you are of killing them. Even this isn’t enough to make the game more than a curiosity which you could probably download for free on your phone.

Thankfully the pixel art is cute and distinct. Here’s today’s ornament, the game’s fairy enemy:

We’ll just keep working across this row. No reason not to, really:

Lovely. See you tomorrow, again.

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