Cheapmas Day One: Boo Bunny Plague

We’d like to apologize for the technical difficulties outlined above. The gameplay and its audio have come through unscathed, and the problem has been fixed for tomorrow’s stream.

The story of Boo Bunny Plague seems to be simple: you’re a maniacal singing robot named Bunny whose sole goal is to upgrade itself with an auto-healing unit which he intends to earn through wonton death and destruction as he battles the gods themselves.

Boo Bunny Plague has a lot going for it, considering how it’s a $2 indie game. While the story itself is no great shakes, it’s more than suitable as a means for Bunny to go up against enemies by bashing them with guitars, some of which have different effects. The actual combat is basic but effective, and the only problem I had with the controls were some sections where exact jumping was required which was ironic since the character is a rabbit robot.

Visually, there’s not any problems. The characters are distinct and continue the trend of Bunny hanging out with religious figures from various pantheons though it’s clear that more care was done with the major characters than the basic enemies, which is an acceptable use of resources for a game like this. This also applies to the voice acting, which is adequate with the line readings sometimes veering too far towards the wacky end of the spectrum.

The game’s major strength is its music, and the dev team knows it since a slightly more expensive deluxe edition is available that comes with a short digital comic and the game’s original sound track. The weakness is its wackiness, as is usually the case with things like this, with Bunny coming off as a Deadpool without the filter. He is sometimes funny.

Anyway, that’s almost it for Day One. You may have noticed that the Cheapmas tree was rather bare, and that’s because I’m going to be putting a new ornament on it every day. Our first ornament is Bunny’s head:

We’ll just put that on tree where it’ll remain for the entire month.

Lovely. We’ll see you tomorrow for day two.

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