Announcing 25 Days of Cheapmas

We’re pleased to announce our latest attempt at drawing in readers and viewers event, 25 Days of Cheapmas! What is this, you ask? It’s quite simple! From December 1st until December 25th, Mikenificent is going to obtain a video game costing at most $5 and then play it for exactly one hour while he tries to decide if it was worth the time and money he’s put into it. So basically this:

But with a thin veneer of Christmas cheer. The current schedule is to start the stream each day on Twitch at 8AM EST with a post and video of that day’s selection popping up on the site whenever things like editing and whatnot allow.

We would appreciate your help with all of this! Namely, recommendations for games that cost at most $5! Some cachets:

  • The game must be one Mikenificent has never played. He will get no solace from familiarity for this endeavor.
  • The game must always be at most $5, which eliminates games that are on sale
  • The game has to be for the PC or Nintendo Switch, as those are the two platforms Mikenificent owns

Past those three rules, most things are fair game and you can feel free to use this as an opportunity to torture a human being for your own amusement. In fact, we encourage it!

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