Mikenificent’s Spooktacular Webcomic: Count Pikachu

Since we’re in the midst of a Fictosphere Spooktacular, I figured I’d dredge up my second webcomic story which is, coincidentally, horror themed! As you can see from the logo above, it concerns a vampirized Pikachu. Unlike my first webcomic, this one wasn’t a spin-off of anything and is honestly a lot better.

There’s a lot to unpack here. First off, yes, Subject M continues to be a self-insertion Kirby throughout the sprite comics and I didn’t attempt to change this until much later. Pikapunk being a gelf was an idea introduced for reasons I can’t remember, though gelf should be GELF because it stands for “genetically engineered life form” which was a term tossed around in the high school Sci-Fi Club I was in. The “Eror Sox Lancet” is Latin, but specifically the endings for I think the third conjugation of Latin words because I took Latin in high school and thought they sounded like a magic spell read all together. This is also an early preference towards Bob over Joe, which continues in Milty’s Fictocomic Calvacade but, for which, there is no real reason.

There’s some weird word balloon organization going on in the fourth panel but it should go Ned-Bob-Nill. I remember really hyping this next part up, for reasons I cannot remember.

I still had a very tentative grasp of what a “sprite” comic was supposed to be but I was doing better with what images I did pull in but most of this was just cobbled together in Microsoft Publisher.

For some reason, the sprite I was using for Mike P got warped and continued being warped to the point where his eventual non-sprite design shifted because of it which led to him lending himself better to not being a Kirby or self-insertion anymore. Anyway, one more part. This one is a lot shorter than the first one, but also a lot better.

The double dialogue is included for posterity’s sake, and I didn’t just delete the second instance because Bob’s reply is different. Originally, these showed up on a nameless website which turned into “Mike P Sucks” because I have massive problems with myself and then “Mike P’s Resort” because it seemed like a good move. Of course, the name kept changing after that but I don’t think I ever included those names or URLs in the background of any comics. Also, that last panel is because I really wanted to use a Max Revive joke but wasn’t able to fit one in organically.

This comic was bookended by two one-part comics, one of which is referenced in Chapter One of this comic and the next post like this will have both of those in it. This comic is leagues better than the first one in almost every regard, but the next full comic was probably my greatest sprite comic work. We’re going over the two shorts next, though,

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