The Adventures of Matsu Her-O

Long ago, before the birth of the Fictosphere as it is now, the founders counted one more in their number: Matt Heywood. While Matt did initially coin the site’s name, it was in service of his signature character: Matsu Her-O, a being who travels the Fictosphere looking for wrongs to right. Matt then proceeded to do little with the character, despite some goading and attempts to bring Matsu to life, and this eventually led to a schism between Matt and the other founders.

When he was contacted upon the site’s revamp to ensure that we could keep using the name, and potentially write an article or two, he said that we could keep using the name but only on the condition that he be able to write his tales of Matsu Her-O and that we acknowledge him and his contributions to the Fictosphere. This is one of those acknowledgements.

If you click on that link earlier in the article, you will witness the exploits of a man who travels hither and yon across pop culture. He has visited the universes of Star Wars, Funky Winkerbean, Mario, and we’ve been told that there was even a Friday the 13th story planned for this very day. Time will only tell what else Matsu will get up to, or for how long, so enjoy those stories while you still can.

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