The Fictocast #001: The All-New All-Same Fictocast!

Here’s the first episode of our podcast! You can listen to it here, or just play the video below:

Jeffrey Holloway, Randall Malus, and Mikenificent discuss what they’ve been up to since the last podcast, and they manage to cajole Trevor Thomson into joining them as well. They then discuss the upcoming Showa Gojira Criterion set, the various additions to Super Smash Brothers and the (potentially wrong and outdated) rumors about other newcomers, thoughts on the new Picard Star Trek show, the canonical state of Goofy’s son Max, Spider-Man, Superman, and so many other things. Recommended for Mature Audiences. Or, you know, audiences who aren’t offended by repeated claims that the new Picard show will primarily be about him pleasuring himself.

Oh, and here’s a page from that Superman/Batman story Mikenificent was talking about:

Stolen from this article on the story on CBR.

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