Introducing… RANDALL MALUS!

I guess this is supposed to be, like, a resume or something…? Okay, here goes nothing.

Hi, everyone! My name is Randall Malus. Some of you may remember me from the now-defunct true crime and catch-all journal blog entitled Malus ‘N’ Mayhem, or you may remember me from my time as a “Classic Video Game Examiner” on At least a couple of you might have read my self-published spy parody novella written under a psuedonym (Roger Hammersmith) entitled All In On Dead, and I think at least one person who isn’t me actually even paid for a copy. While it’s no longer in print, I plan on releasing a second edition at some point, along with a sequel and several others besides.

First Edition cover for All In On Dead
First Edition cover for All In On Dead

Still others of you may know me better as Ethan Michael Crane, minor internet personality since 1997 and curator of the now-defunct film blog Crane’s Cabinet of Kinetographic Curiosities. I consider that blog to have been one of my finest writing efforts to date, though too restrictive in subject matter and scheduling. That said, this endeavor gave me some great ideas for potential future works in the arena of film journalism, so there’s that.

The final banner from Crane’s Cabinet before officially closing

In the real (printed) world, I’ve contributed a number of small works. When I was a teenager, several op-ed pieces I had written on the role of popular entertainment in school violence were purchased (for actual money, woohoo!) by and printed in the local major metropolitan newspaper. During my college years, I wrote mini artist biographies for a local art gallery and edited their monthly newsletter. Recently, I’ve submitted a short article for the second volume of Australian film scholar Lee Gambin’s Cinemaniacs film journal (about fantasy westerns). While not yet a true, steady vocation, it’s safe to say that writing is my chosen form of expression.

Cinemaniacs Presents: If I Only Had A Brain, Vol. 1 of Lee Gambin & Company’s film journal

So, what can I bring to The Fictosphere‘s table? That’s a great question, and one I’m prepared to answer over the course of my time here. But for a start, I’m likely going to port over some of my work from past endeavors, including (but not limited to) rants, longform and multi-part articles, bite-sized reviews (often designated as “journal” posts), and who knows what else.

I hope the ride is as enjoyable for you as it will be for me. Keep checking back regularly for my posts and those of my colleagues!

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