Introducing… MIKENIFICENT!

The first page of Disaster People, my newest webcomic project.
The first page of Disaster People, my newest webcomic project.

Hello, everyone! You may know me from such comics as Area 42 and PC/MS. The latter was even positively reviewed by Josh Fruhlinger! Yes, both of those currently lead to websites that aren’t up yet but that’s because I couldn’t get the import and export functions to work so I have to go in and manually import over five hundred comics I’ve done in the past six years and it’s something that’s going to take a while.

You can also hear what I sound like here, if that’s a thing that appeals to you.

You may also know me from the videos on YouTube and Twitch. Or from my prose (especially my story that won second place in the Ligonier Valley Writers Flash Fiction contest a few years back) or commissioned artwork. You may even know me from by fairly new but oddly prodigious stint in the Cleveland community theater scene. Heck, you might even know me from the podcasts we used to do or any number of things I’ve had my fingerprints on, like the Amazing Spider-Blog which detailed the now defunct Amazing Spider-Man comic strip and was showcased in the Toronto Star (February 3rd, 2008) and also mentioned by Josh Fruhlinger.

This isn't out yet but should be soon.
This isn’t out yet but should be soon.

The point here is that I’ve done a lot of things, both on and off the Internet, that you might have learned about the Fictosphere from. My goal with this new incarnation of the Fictosphere is to continue my work on Monsters of Multimedia (my former personal website) and my various creative endeavors while reviving several older attempts to review movies and video games and whatnot. It should be a fun time for everyone. For now, it’s back to work. I’m currently in the process of completing some freelance work, directing a one-act play, finishing work on the first part of a serialized novel, drawing a new webcomic, and trying to figure out how to make video games.

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